250+ Understanding Attack Vectors part-21

Que.________________ is a type of reverse engineering tool that is used to dissect binary codes into assembly codes.
a. PE & Resource Viewer
b. Debugger
c. Disassembler
d. Hex Editor
Que.Which of the following is not a function or use of disassembler?
a. Extracting functions & libraries
b. Extracting strings and values
c. Assemble medium-level codes
d. Dissect binary codes
Que.Which of the following is not a feature of IDAPro?
a. Instant debugging
b. Connect local and remote systems easily
c. Explore in-depth binary data
d. Convert machine language to high-level code
Que.A _____________ takes executable file as input and tries to generate high level code.
a. Debugger
b. Decompiler
c. Disassembler
d. Hex Editor
Que.________________ does not attempt to reverse the actions of compiler; rather it transforms the input program repeatedly until HLL code is achieved.
a. Debugger
b. Hex Editor
c. Disassembler
d. Decompiler
Que._____________ will not recreate the original source file created by the compiler.
a. Debugger
b. Hex Editor
c. Decompiler
d. Disassembler
Que.Which of the following is not a decompiler tool?
a. DCC decompiler
b. Borol and C
c. Boomerang Decompiler
d. ExeToC
Que.REC stands for ________________
a. Reverse Engineering Compiler
b. Reverse Engineering Computer
c. Return-to-Code Engineering Compiler
d. Reversing Engineered Compiler
Que._______________ is a universal interactive program environment for reverse engineering.
a. TurboC
b. Andromeda Decompiler
c. IDAPro
d. PE Explorer
Que.Which one is not an example of .Net application decompiler?
a. Salamander
b. Dis#
c. Decompiler.Net
d. MultiRipper