250+ Understanding Attack Vectors part-5

Que.__________ is a powerful RAT build using the language Delphi 7.
a. Stuxnet
b. T-Bomb
c. Beast
d. Zeus
Que.Which of the following is a remote Trojan?
a. Troya
b. DaCryptic
c. BankerA
d. Game-Troj
Que.A ___________ consists of at least one bot server or controller and one or more client-bots.
a. Virus
b. Trojan
c. Botnet
d. Adware
Que.Botnets are managed by ______________
a. Bot-holders
b. Bot-herders
c. Bot-trainers
d. Bot-creators
Que.A _____________ is a number of Internet-connected systems, where each of them is running one or more bots.
a. Trojan
b. Virus
c. Worms
d. Botnet
Que._____________ are implemented to carry out distributed DDoS attacks, steal data, send spam messages & permits the hacker to access various devices & its connection.
a. Trojan
b. Virus
c. Botnet
d. Worms
Que.Botnets are not used for ______________
a. Perform DDoS
b. Steal bulk amount of sensitive data
c. Spamming
d. Encrypting for ransom
Que.The owner of botnets can control the botnet using ___________________ software.
a. trojans
b. command and control
c. servers
d. infected servers
Que.The full form of C&C is ____________
a. command and control
b. copy and cut
c. command and capture
d. copy and control
Que.The word “botnet” is a blend of the words _____________ & ___________
a. robot, network
b. rocket, network
c. bot, network
d. bot, internet