250+ Understanding Attack Vectors part-8

Que.The data transferred between your device & the server is securely _____________ if you’re using VPNs.
a. locked
b. sealed
c. packed
d. encrypted
Que.A ______________ tries to formulate a web resource occupied or busy its users by flooding the URL of the victim with unlimited requests than the server can handle.
a. Phishing attack
b. DoS attack
c. Website attack
d. MiTM attack
Que.During a DoS attack, the regular traffic on the target _____________ will be either dawdling down or entirely interrupted.
a. network
b. system
c. website
d. router
Que.The intent of a ______________ is to overkill the targeted server’s bandwidth and other resources of the target website.
a. Phishing attack
b. DoS attack
c. Website attack
d. MiTM attack
Que.DoS is abbreviated as _____________________
a. Denial of Service
b. Distribution of Server
c. Distribution of Service
d. Denial of Server
Que.A DoS attack coming from a large number of IP addresses, making it hard to manually filter or crash the traffic from such sources is known as a _____________
a. GoS attack
b. PDoS attack
c. DoS attack
d. DDoS attack
Que.DDoS stands for _________________
a. Direct Distribution of Server
b. Distributed Denial of Service
c. Direct Distribution of Service
d. Distributed Denial of Server
Que.Instead of implementing single computer & its internet bandwidth, a ____________ utilizes various systems & their connections for flooding the targeted website.
a. GoS attack
b. PoS attack
c. DDoS attack
d. DoS attack
Que.There are ______ types of DoS attack.
a. 2
b. 3
c. 4
d. 5
Que.Application layer DoS attack is also known as _______________
a. Layer4 DoS attack
b. Layer5 DoS attack
c. Layer6 DoS attack
d. Layer7 DoS attack