Arrays and String Manipulation- Multiple Choice Questions

Que.The number of characters contained in a String is stored as Integer in String’s ____________
a. Substring property
b. Length property
c. Reverse property
d. Index property
Que._______________ method is used to remove space from beginning and end of a string.
a. Trim
b. Remove
c. Truncate
d. DeleteSpace
Que._______________________ method is used to remove specified number of characters located anywhere in the String.
a. Trim
b. Remove
c. Truncate
d. DeleteSpace
Que.What will contain in txtFirst after the following Visual Basic code is executed?
strName = "Penny Swanson"
txtFirst.Text = strName.Remove(5)

a. Penny
b. Swanson
c. Penny S
d. y Swanson
Que.What will be the value of num after the following Visual Basic code is executed?
strName=”Veronica Yardley”

a. 15
b. 16
c. 14
d. 17
Que._____________________ method allows you to insert anywhere in the string.
a. Remove
b. Insert
c. Import
d. Delete
Que.What will be in strName after the following code is executed?
strName=”Joanne Hashen”

a. Joanne C. Hashen
b. JoanneC.hashen
c. Joanne
d. C.Hashen
Que.____________________ and ____________________ methods are used to align characters in a String.
a. PadLeft, PadRight
b. Left, Right
c. LeftAlign, RightAlign
d. AlignLeft, AlignRight
Que.If the padCharacter is omitted from the syntax of the padLeft or PadRight, the default is ______________
a. Space
b. *
c. /
d. ?
Que.The ________________ method pads the string on left, that is, it inserts the padded characters at the beginning of string.
a. PadLeft
b. PadRight
c. PadFront
d. PadBegin