Basic of R Programming language Multiple Choice Questions

Que.The most convenient way to use R is at a graphics workstation running a ________ system.
a. windowing
b. running
c. interfacing
d. matrix
Que.Point out the wrong statement?
a. Setting up a workstation to take full advantage of the customizable features of R is a straightforward thing
b. q() is used to quit the R program
c. R has an inbuilt help facility similar to the man facility of UNIX
d. Windows versions of R have other optional help systems also
Que.Which of the following is default prompt for UNIX environment?
a. >
b. >>
c. <
d. <<
Que.Which of the following will start the R program?
a. $ R
b. > R
c. * R
d. @ R
Que.Point out the wrong statement?
a. Windows versions of R have other optional help system also
b. The command (alternatively ??) allows searching for help in various ways
c. R is case insensitive as are most UNIX based packages, so A and a are different symbols and would refer to different variables
d. $ R is used to start the R program
Que.Which of the following statement is alternative to _________

a. help(solve)
b. print(solve)
c. bind(solve)
d. matrix(solve)
Que.Elementary commands in R consist of either _______ or assignments.
a. utilstats
b. language
c. expressions
d. packages
Que.If a command is not complete at the end of a line, R will give a different prompt, by default it is ____________
a. *
b. –
c. +
d. /
Que.Command lines entered at the console are limited to about ________ bytes.
a. 3000
b. 4095
c. 5000
d. 6000
Que._____ text editor provides more general support mechanisms via ESS for working interactively with R.
a. EAC
b. Emacs
c. Shell