Client Server Model set 1

1: ________ bit in ICW1 indicates whether the 8259A is cascade mode or not ?
a. LTIM=0
b. LTIM=1
c. SNGL=0
d. SNGL=1
2: Alex is required to provide information on how many people are using the network at any one time. Which network will enable him to do so?
a. Star
b. Ethernet
c. Token-Ring
d. Server-based
3: An RPC (remote procedure call) is initiated by the
a. server
c. both (a) and (b)
d.none of the mentioned
4: An RPC application requires
a. specific protocol for client server communication
b. a client program
c.a server program
d. all of the above
5: Central Computer which is powerful than other computers in the network is called as __________.
a. Client
d. Switch
6: Each server in a computer dedicated server network is known as
a.dedicated server
b. dedicated receiver
c. dedicated client
d. dedicated sender
7: File transfer protocol (FTP) is built on _________architecture
a. Peer to peer
b. Client server
c. Both a and b
d. None of the above
8: FTP is built on _____ architecture.
a. Client-server
b. P2P
c. Both of the above
d. None of the above
9: In remote procedure call, the client program must be bound with a small library procedure called .
a. Server stub
b. Marshalling
c. Client hub
d.Client stub
10: In RPC (remote procedure call), while a server is processing the call, the client is blocked
a. unless the client sends an asynchronous request to the server
b. unless the call processing is complete
c. for the complete duration of the connection
d. none of the above