Cloud Management and Security set 1

Que: 1. Which does C in FCAPS stands for ?
a. Consistency
b. Contact
c. Configuration
d. None of the mentioned
Que: 2. Point out the wrong statement:
a. Cloud computing deployments must be monitored and managed in order to be optimized for best performance
b. To the problems associated with analyzing distributed network applications, the cloud adds the complexity of virtual infrastructure
c. Cloud management software provides capabilities for managing faults
d. None of the mentioned
Que: 3. Which of the following aims to deploy methods for measuring various aspects of cloud performance in a standard way ?
a. RIM
b. SIM
c. SMI
d. All of the mentioned
Que: 4. Which of the following is not the feature of Network management systems ?
a. Accounting
b. Security
c. Performance
d. None of the mentioned
Que: 5. Point out the correct statement:
a. Cloud management includes not only managing resources in the cloud, but managing resources on-premises
b. The management of resources in the cloud requires new technology
c. Management of resources on-premises allows vendors to use well-established network management technologies
d. All of the mentioned
Que: 6. Which of the following package package provides all five elements of FCAPS ?
a. FrameIt
b. RackStar
c. Unicenter
d. None of the mentioned
Que: 7. ___________ is a framework tool for managing cloud infrastructure.
a. IBM Tivoli Service Automation Manager
b. Microsoft Tivoli Service Automation Manager
c. Google Service Automation Manager
d. Windows Live Hotmail
Que: 8. Which of the following “cloudly” characteristics that cloud management service must have ?
a. Billing is on a pay-as-you-go basis
b. The management service is extremely scalable
c. The management service is ubiquitous
d. All of the mentioned
Que: 9. How many categories need to be monitored for entire cloud computing ?
a. 1
b. 2
c. 4
d. None of the mentioned
Que: 10. Which of the following is a standard protocol for network monitoring and discovery ?
c. WMI
d. All of the mentioned