Cyber Attacks and Security Elements set 2

Que.Which method of hacking will record all your keystrokes?
a. Keyhijacking
b. Keyjacking
c. Keylogging
d. Keyboard monitoring
Que._________ are the special type of programs used for recording and tracking user’s keystroke.
a. Keylogger
b. Trojans
c. Virus
d. Worms
Que.These are a collective term for malicious spying programs used for secretly monitoring someone’s activity and actions over a digital medium.
a. Malware
b. Remote Access Trojans
c. Keyloggers
d. Spyware
Que.Stuxnet is a _________
a. Worm
b. Virus
c. Trojan
d. Antivirus
Que.___________ is a violent act done using the Internet, which either threatens any technology user or leads to loss of life or otherwise harms anyone in order to accomplish political gain.
a. Cyber-warfare
b. Cyber campaign
c. Cyber-terrorism
d. Cyber attack
Que.In general how many key elements constitute the entire security structure?
a. 1
b. 2
c. 3
d. 4
Que.According to the CIA Triad, which of the below-mentioned element is not considered in the triad?
a. Confidentiality
b. Integrity
c. Authenticity
d. Availability
Que.This is the model designed for guiding the policies of Information security within a company, firm or organization. What is “this” referred to here?
a. Confidentiality
b. Non-repudiation
c. CIA Triad
d. Authenticity
Que.CIA triad is also known as ________
a. NIC (Non-repudiation, Integrity, Confidentiality)
b. AIC (Availability, Integrity, Confidentiality)
c. AIN (Availability, Integrity, Non-repudiation)
d. AIC (Authenticity, Integrity, Confidentiality)
Que.When you use the word _____ it means you are protecting your data from getting disclosed.
a. Confidentiality
b. Integrity
c. Authentication
d. Availability