Cyber Attacks and Security Elements set 3

Que.______ means the protection of data from modification by unknown users.
a. Confidentiality
b. Integrity
c. Authentication
d. Non-repudiation
Que.When integrity is lacking in a security system, _________ occurs.
a. Database hacking
b. Data deletion
c. Data tampering
d. Data leakage
Que._______ of information means, only authorised users are capable of accessing the information.
a. Confidentiality
b. Integrity
c. Non-repudiation
d. Availability
Que.Why these 4 elements (confidentiality, integrity, authenticity & availability) are considered fundamental?
a. They help understanding hacking better
b. They are key elements to a security breach
c. They help understands security and its components better
d. They help to understand the cyber-crime better
Que.This helps in identifying the origin of information and authentic user. This referred to here as __________
a. Confidentiality
b. Integrity
c. Authenticity
d. Availability
Que.Data ___________ is used to ensure confidentiality.
a. Encryption
b. Locking
c. Deleting
d. Backup
Que.Which of these is not a proper method of maintaining confidentiality?
a. Biometric verification
b. ID and password based verification
c. 2-factor authentication
d. switching off the phone
Que.Data integrity gets compromised when _____ and _____ are taken control off.
a. Access control, file deletion
b. Network, file permission
c. Access control, file permission
d. Network, system
Que.______ is the latest technology that faces an extra challenge because of CIA paradigm.
a. Big data
b. Database systems
c. Cloud storages
d. Smart dust