Cyber Laws and Security Tools set 4

Que.Section 79 of the Indian IT Act declares that any 3rd party information or personal data leakage in corporate firms or organizations will be a punishable offense.
a. True
b. False
c. May be True or False
d. Can’t say
Que.Which of the following attach is not used by LC4 to recover Windows password?
a. Brute-force attack
b. Dictionary attack
c. MiTM attack
d. Hybrid attacks
Que.____________ is the world’s most popular vulnerability scanner used in companies for checking vulnerabilities in the network.
a. Wireshark
b. Nessus
c. Snort
d. WebInspect
Que._____________ is a tool which can detect registry issues in an operating system.
a. Network Stumbler
b. Ettercap
c. Maltego
d. LANguard Network Security Scanner
Que.Network Stumbler is a Windows Wi-Fi monitoring tool.
a. True
b. False
c. May be True or False
d. Can’t say
Que.ToneLoc is abbreviated as __________
a. Tone Locking
b. Tone Locator
c. Tone Locker
d. Tune Locator
Que.__________ is a debugger and exploration tool.
a. Netdog
b. Netcat
c. Tcpdump
d. BackTrack
Que.__________ is a popular command-line packet analyser.
a. Wireshark
b. Snort
c. Metasploit
d. Tcpdump
Que.________________ is a platform that essentially keeps the log of data from networks, devices as well as applications in a single location.
a. EventLog Analyser
b. NordVPN
c. Wireshark
d. PacketFilter Analyzer
Que.______________ is competent to restore corrupted Exchange Server Database files as well as recovering unapproachable mails in mailboxes.
a. Outlook
b. Nessus
c. Mailbox Exchange Recovery
d. Mail Exchange Recovery toolkit