Cyber Laws and Security Tools set 5

Que.________________ helps in protecting businesses against data breaches that may make threats to cloud.
a. Centrify
b. Mailbox Exchange Recovery
c. Nessus
d. Dashline
Que.__________ is a popular corporate security tool that is used to detect the attack on email with cloud only services.
a. Cain and Abel
b. Proofpoint
c. Angry IP Scanner
d. Ettercap
Que._____________ helps in protecting corporate data, communications and other assets.
a. Snort
b. CipherCloud
c. Burp Suit
d. Wireshark
Que._________ framework made cracking of vulnerabilities easy like point and click.
a. .Net
b. Metasploit
c. Zeus
d. Ettercap
Que.Nmap is abbreviated as Network Mapper.
a. True
b. False
c. May be True or False
d. Can’t say
Que.__________ is a popular tool used for discovering networks as well as in security auditing.
a. Ettercap
b. Metasploit
c. Nmap
d. Burp Suit
Que.Which of this Nmap do not check?
a. services different hosts are offering
b. on what OS they are running
c. what kind of firewall is in use
d. what type of antivirus is in use