cyber securite and element set 4

Que._______ is the practice and precautions taken to protect valuable information from unauthorised access, recording, disclosure or destruction.
a. Network Security
b. Database Security
c. Information Security
d. Physical Security
Que.From the options below, which of them is not a threat to information security?
a. Disaster
b. Eavesdropping
c. Information leakage
d. Unchanged default password
Que.From the options below, which of them is not a vulnerability to information security?
a. flood
b. without deleting data, disposal of storage media
c. unchanged default password
d. latest patches and updates not done
Que._____ platforms are used for safety and protection of information in the cloud.
a. Cloud workload protection platforms
b. Cloud security protocols
c. AWS
d. One Drive
Que.Which of the following information security technology is used for avoiding browser-based hacking?
a. Anti-malware in browsers
b. Remote browser access
c. Adware remover in browsers
d. Incognito mode in a browser
Que.The full form of EDR is _______
a. Endpoint Detection and recovery
b. Early detection and response
c. Endpoint Detection and response
d. Endless Detection and Recovery
Que._______ technology is used for analyzing and monitoring traffic in network and information flow.
a. Cloud access security brokers (CASBs)
b. Managed detection and response (MDR)
c. Network Security Firewall
d. Network traffic analysis (NTA)
Que.Compromising confidential information comes under _________
a. Bug
b. Threat
c. Vulnerability
d. Attack
Que.Lack of access control policy is a _____________
a. Bug
b. Threat
c. Vulnerability
d. Attack
Que.Possible threat to any information cannot be ________________
a. reduced
b. transferred
c. protected
d. ignored