cyber security and element set 1

Que.The full form of Malware is ________
a. Malfunctioned Software
b. Multipurpose Software
c. Malicious Software
d. Malfunctioning of Security
Que.Who deploy Malwares to a system or network?
a. Criminal organizations, Black hat hackers, malware developers, cyber-terrorists
b. Criminal organizations, White hat hackers, malware developers, cyber-terrorists
c. Criminal organizations, Black hat hackers, software developers, cyber-terrorists
d. Criminal organizations, gray hat hackers, Malware developers, Penetration testers
Que._____________ is a code injecting method used for attacking the database of a system / website.
a. HTML injection
b. SQL Injection
c. Malicious code injection
d. XML Injection
Que.XSS is abbreviated as __________
a. Extreme Secure Scripting
b. Cross Site Security
c. X Site Scripting
d. Cross Site Scripting
Que.This attack can be deployed by infusing a malicious code in a website’s comment section. What is “this” attack referred to here?
a. SQL injection
b. HTML Injection
c. Cross Site Scripting (XSS)
d. Cross Site Request Forgery (XSRF)
Que.When there is an excessive amount of data flow, which the system cannot handle, _____ attack takes place.
a. Database crash attack
b. DoS (Denial of Service) attack
c. Data overflow Attack
d. Buffer Overflow attack
Que.Compromising a user’s session for exploiting the user’s data and do malicious activities or misuse user’s credentials is called ___________
a. Session Hijacking
b. Session Fixation
c. Cookie stuffing
d. Session Spying
Que.Which of this is an example of physical hacking?
a. Remote Unauthorised access
b. Inserting malware loaded USB to a system
c. SQL Injection on SQL vulnerable site
d. DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) attack
Que.Which of them is not a wireless attack?
a. Eavesdropping
b. MAC Spoofing
c. Wireless Hijacking
d. Phishing
Que.An attempt to harm, damage or cause threat to a system or network is broadly termed as ______
a. Cyber-crime
b. Cyber Attack
c. System hijacking
d. Digital crime