cyber security and element set 12

Que.________ is an attack technique occurs when excess data gets written to a memory block.
a. Over buffering
b. Buffering
c. Buffer overflow
d. Memory full
Que.Finding & publishing any user’s identity with the help of different personal details is called ________
a. Doxing
b. Data breaching
c. Personal data copying
d. Secure File Transferring Protocol
Que.In IP address, IP is abbreviated as __________
a. Internet Program
b. Internet Protocol
c. Intuition Programs
d. Internet Pathway
Que.Whaling is the technique used to take deep and _________ information about any individual.
a. sensitive
b. powerful
c. useless
d. casual
Que._________ are a specific section of any virus or malware that performs illicit activities in a system.
a. Malicious programs
b. Worms
c. Spyware
d. Payload
Que.____________ is a scenario when information is accessed without authorization.
a. Data infiltration
b. Data Hack
c. Information compromise
d. Data Breach
Que.____________ is an attempt to steal, spy, damage or destroy computer systems, networks or their associated information.
a. Cyber-security
b. Cyber attack
c. Digital hacking
d. Computer security
Que.___________ is a device which secretly collects data from credit / debit cards.
a. Card Skimmer
b. Data Stealer
c. Card Copier
d. Card cloner
Que._____________ is a technique used when artificial clicks are made which increases revenue because of pay-per-click.
a. Clickjacking
b. Clickfraud
c. Keylogging
d. Click-hacking
Que.__________ is the practice implemented to spy someone using technology for gathering sensitive information.
a. Cyber espionage
b. Cyber-spy
c. Digital Spying
d. Spyware