cyber security and element set 17

Que.A firewall protects which of the following attacks?
a. Phishing
b. Dumpster diving
c. Denial of Service (DoS)
d. Shoulder surfing
Que.There are ______ types of firewall.
a. 5
b. 4
c. 3
d. 2
Que.Packet filtering firewalls are deployed on ________
a. routers
b. switches
c. hubs
d. repeaters
Que.In the ______________ layer of OSI model, packet filtering firewalls are implemented.
a. Application layer
b. Session layer
c. Presentation layer
d. Network layer
Que.The __________ defines the packet filtering firewall rules.
a. Access Control List
b. Protocols
c. Policies
d. Ports
Que.ACL stands for _____________
a. Access Condition List
b. Anti-Control List
c. Access Control Logs
d. Access Control List
Que.When a packet does not fulfil the ACL criteria, the packet is _________
a. resend
b. dropped
c. destroyed
d. acknowledged as received
Que.Network administrators can create their own ACL rules based on _______ ________ and _______
a. Address, Protocols and Packet attributes
b. Address, Protocols and security policies
c. Address, policies and Packet attributes
d. Network topology, Protocols and data packets
Que.One advantage of Packet Filtering firewall is __________
a. more efficient
b. less complex
c. less costly
d. very fast
Que.Packet filtering firewalls work effectively in _________ networks.
a. very simple
b. smaller
c. large
d. very large complex