cyber security and element set 18

Que.Packet filtering firewalls are vulnerable to __________
a. hardware vulnerabilities
b. MiTM
c. phishing
d. spoofing
Que.Circuit-level gateway firewalls are installed in _______ layer of OSI model.
a. Application layer
b. Session layer
c. Presentation layer
d. Network layer
Que.Which of these comes under the advantage of Circuit-level gateway firewalls?
a. They maintain anonymity and also inexpensive
b. They are light-weight
c. They’re expensive yet efficient
d. They preserve IP address privacy yet expensive
Que.Which of the following is a disadvantage of Circuit-level gateway firewalls?
a. They’re expensive
b. They’re complex in architecture
c. They do not filter individual packets
d. They’re complex to setup
Que._____________ gateway firewalls are deployed in application-layer of OSI model.
a. Packet Filtering Firewalls
b. Circuit Level Gateway Firewalls
c. Application-level Gateway Firewalls
d. Stateful Multilayer Inspection Firewalls
Que.Application level gateway firewalls protect the network for specific _____________
a. application layer protocol
b. session layer protocol
c. botnet attacks
d. network layer protocol
Que.Application level gateway firewalls are also used for configuring cache-servers.
a. True
b. False
c. May be True or False
d. Can’t say
Que.___________ firewalls are a combination of other three types of firewalls.
a. Packet Filtering
b. Circuit Level Gateway
c. Application-level Gateway
d. Stateful Multilayer Inspection
Que.Stateful Multilayer Inspection firewall cannot perform which of the following?
a. Filter network layer packets
b. Check for legitimate session
c. Scans for illicit data packets at the presentation layer
d. Evaluate packets at application lager
Que.We can also implement ____________ in Stateful Multilayer Inspection firewall.
a. external programs
b. algorithms
c. policies
d. algorithms and external programs