cyber security and element set 22

Que.DTE is abbreviated as ___________________
a. Domain and Type Enforcing
b. Domain and Type Enforcement
c. DNS and Type Enforcement
d. DNS and Type Enforcing
Que.RBAC is abbreviated as ______________
a. Rule-Based Accessing Control
b. Role-Based Access Control
c. Rule-Based Access Control
d. Role-Based Accessing Control
Que.A __________ is a sequential segment of the memory location that is allocated for containing some data such as a character string or an array of integers.
a. stack
b. queue
c. external storage
d. buffer
Que.In a _____________ attack, the extra data that holds some specific instructions in the memory for actions is projected by a cyber-criminal or penetration tester to crack the system.
a. Phishing
b. MiTM
c. Buffer-overflow
d. Clickjacking
Que.How many types of buffer-overflow attack are there?
a. 4
b. 2
c. 5
d. 3
Que.Let suppose a search box of an application can take at most 200 words, and you’ve inserted more than that and pressed the search button; the system crashes. Usually this is because of limited __________
a. buffer
b. external storage
c. processing power
d. local storage
Que.______________ is a widespread app’s coding mistake made by developers which could be exploited by an attacker for gaining access or malfunctioning your system.
a. Memory leakage
b. Buffer-overrun
c. Less processing power
d. Inefficient programming
Que.Buffer-overflow is also known as ______________
a. buffer-overrun
b. buffer-leak
c. memory leakage
d. data overflow
Que.Buffer-overflow may remain as a bug in apps if __________ are not done fully.
a. boundary hacks
b. memory checks
c. boundary checks
d. buffer checks
Que.Applications developed by programming languages like ____ and ______ have this common buffer-overflow error.
a. C, Ruby
b. Python, Ruby
c. C, C++
d. Tcl, C#