cyber security and element set 23

Que.Why apps developed in languages like C, C++ is prone to Buffer-overflow?
a. No string boundary checks in predefined functions
b. No storage check in the external memory
c. No processing power check
d. No database check
Que.Old operating systems like _______ and NT-based systems have buffer-overflow attack a common vulnerability.
a. Windows 7
b. Chrome
c. IOS12
Que.Buffer-overflow attack can take place if a machine can execute a code that resides in the data/stack segment.
a. True
b. False
c. May be True or False
d. Can’t say
Que.Among the two types ____________buffer-overflow is complex to execute and the least common attack that may take place.
a. memory-based
b. queue-based
c. stack-based
d. heap-based
Que._____________ buffer overflows, which are more common among attackers.
a. Memory-based
b. Queue-based
c. Stack-based
d. Heap-based
Que.With the lack of boundary check, the program ends abnormally and leads to ___________ error.
a. logical
b. segmentation
c. compile-time
d. syntax
Que.In an application that uses heap, the memory for data is allocated ____________
a. logical
b. dynamically
c. statically
d. at the beginning of the program
Que.In an application that uses stack, the memory for data is allocated ____________
a. logical
b. dynamically
c. statically
d. at the end of the program
Que.Malicious code can be pushed into the _________ during ______________ attack.
a. stack, buffer-overflow
b. queue, buffer-overflow
c. memory-card, buffer-overflow
d. external drive, buffer-overflow
Que.Variables that gets created dynamically when a function (such as malloc()) is called is created in the form of _______ data-structure.
a. array
b. queue
c. stack
d. heap