cyber security and element set 25

Que.___________ is used that tries for guessing the usernames by using SMTP service.
a. smtp-user-enum
b. smtp-enum
c. snmp-enum
d. snmp-user-enum
Que.To stop your system from getting enumerated, you have to disable all services.
a. True
b. False
c. May be True or False
d. Can’t say
Que.Even our emails contain the IP address of the sender which helps in the enumeration. We can get this IP from ___________ from within the email.
a. ‘forward’ option
b. ‘show original’ option
c. ‘Show full email’
d. ‘View Original’ option
Que.__________________is a computing action used in which usernames & info about user-groups, shares as well as services of networked computers can be regained.
a. Hardware enumeration
b. System enumeration
c. Network enumeration
d. Cloud enumeration
Que.Network enumeration is the finding of __________ or devices on a network.
a. hosts
b. servers
c. network connection
d. cloud storage
Que.A _______________ is a computer program implemented for recovering usernames & info on groups, shares as well as services of networked computers.
a. hardware enumerator
b. software enumerator
c. network enumerator
d. cloud enumerator
Que.Network enumerator is also known as ________________
a. hardware scanner
b. software enumerator
c. program enumerator
d. network scanner
Que.An ethical hacker must need to have the skills of understanding the problem, networking knowledge and to know how the technology works.
a. True
b. False
c. May be True or False
d. Can’t say
Que._________ persistence and up-to-date with the latest technological updates and their flaws are some of the major qualities; an ethical hacker must need to have.
a. Lack of understanding
b. Weak programming skills
c. High patience
d. Low perseverance
Que.________________ enables a hacker to open a piece of program or application and re-build it with further features & capabilities.
a. Social engineering
b. Reverse engineering
c. Planting malware
d. Injecting code