cyber security and element set 38

Que.___________ is an activity that takes place when cyber-criminals infiltrates any data source and takes away or alters sensitive information.
a. Data-hack
b. Data-stealing
c. Database altering
d. Data breach
Que.Which of these is not a step followed by cyber-criminals in data breaching?
a. Research and info-gathering
b. Attack the system
c. Fixing the bugs
d. Exfiltration
Que.What types of data are stolen by cyber-criminals in most of the cases?
a. Data that will pay once sold
b. Data that has no value
c. Data like username and passwords only
d. Data that is old
Que.Which of the companies and organizations do not become the major targets of attackers for data stealing?
a. Business firms
b. Medical and Healthcare
c. Government and secret agencies
d. NGOs
Que.___________ will give you an USB which will contain ___________ that will take control of your system in the background.
a. Attackers, Trojans
b. White hat hackers, antivirus
c. White hat hackers, Trojans
d. Attackers, antivirus
Que.An attacker, who is an employee of your firm may ___________ to know your system password.
a. do peeping
b. perform network jamming
c. do shoulder surfing
d. steal your laptop
Que.You may throw some confidential file in a dustbin which contains some of your personal data. Hackers can take your data from that thrown-away file also, using the technique _________
a. Dumpster diving
b. Shoulder surfing
c. Phishing
d. Spamming
Que.ATM Skimmers are used to take your confidential data from your ATM cards.
a. True
b. False
c. May be True or False
d. Can’t say
Que._____________ will encrypt all your system files and will ask you to pay a ransom in order to decrypt all the files and unlock the system.
a. Scareware
b. Ransomware
c. Adware
d. Spyware
Que.______________ are special malware programs written by elite hackers and black hat hackers to spy your mobile phones and systems.
a. Scareware
b. Ransomware
c. Adware
d. Spyware