cyber security and element set 40

Que.Use of _______________ can bring external files and worms and virus along with it to the internal systems.
a. smart-watch
b. pen drive
c. laptop
d. iPod
Que.A ____________ takes over your system’s browser settings and the attack will redirect the websites you visit some other websites of its preference.
a. MiTM
b. Browser hacking
c. Browser Hijacker
d. Cookie-stealing
Que.________________ has become a popular attack since last few years, and the attacker target board members, high-ranked officials and managing committee members of an organization.
a. Spyware
b. Ransomware
c. Adware
d. Shareware
Que.________________ important and precious file is a solution to prevent your files from ransomware.
a. Deleting all
b. Keeping backup of
c. Not saving
d. Keeping in pen drive
Que.___________ is the technique to obtain permission from a company for using, manufacturing & selling one or more products within a definite market area.
a. algorithm-licensing
b. code-licensing
c. item licensing
d. product licensing
Que.Which of the following do not comes under security measures for cloud in firms?
a. Firewall
b. Antivirus
c. Load Balancer
d. Encryption
Que.It is important to limit ____________ to all data and information as well as limit the authority for installing software.
a. work-load
b. employee access
c. admin permission
d. installing unwanted apps
Que.One must isolate payment systems and payment processes from those computers that you think are used by ____________ or may contain ____________
a. strangers, keyloggers
b. strangers, antivirus
c. unknown, firewalls
d. unknown, antivirus
Que.If you’re working in your company’s system/laptop and suddenly a pop-up window arise asking you to update your security application, you must ignore it.
a. True
b. False
c. May be True or False
d. Can’t say