cyber security and element set 7

Que.__________ is the last phase of ethical hacking process.
a. Scanning
b. Tracks clearing
c. Reconnaissance
d. Reporting
Que.Which of the following is not a footprint-scanning tool?
a. SuperScan
b. TcpView
c. Maltego
d. OWASP Zed
Que.___________ is a special form of attack using which hackers’ exploit – human psychology.
a. Cross Site Scripting
b. Insecure network
c. Social Engineering
d. Reverse Engineering
Que.Which of the following do not comes under Social Engineering?
a. Tailgating
b. Phishing
c. Pretexting
d. Spamming
Que._________ involves scams where an individual (usually an attacker) lie to a person (the target victim) to acquire privilege data.
a. Phishing
b. Pretexting
c. Spamming
d. Vishing
Que.Which of the following is the technique used to look for information in trash or around dustbin container?
a. Pretexting
b. Baiting
c. Quid Pro Quo
d. Dumpster diving
Que.Which of the following is not an example of social engineering?
a. Dumpster diving
b. Shoulder surfing
c. Carding
d. Spear phishing
Que.In a phishing, attackers target the ________ technology to so social engineering.
a. Emails
b. WI-FI network
c. Operating systems
d. Surveillance camera
Que.Tailgating is also termed as ___________
a. Piggybacking
b. Pretexting
c. Phishing
d. Baiting
Que.Physical hacking is not at all possible in hospitals, banks, private firms, and non-profit organizations.
a. True
b. False
c. May be True or False
d. Can’t say