Distributions and Graphics in R programming- Multiple Choice Questions

Que.The _______ and ________ of a discrete random variable is easy to compute at the console.
a. Mean, Variance
b. Variance, Packages
c. Packages, Functions
d. Median, Mode
Que.Which of the following simple the square root of
Que.Which function is used to simulate discrete uniform random variables?
a. Sample
b. Simple
c. Function
d. Variance
Que.The binomial distribution is based on _______ trial.
a. Einstein
b. Bernoulli
c. Bohr
d. Kepler
Que.The corresponding R function for the PMF is __________
a. Trinom
b. Dbinorm
c. Dbinom
d. Fnorm
Que.The corresponding R function for the CDF is __________
a. Dbinom
b. Pbinom
c. Cbinorm
d. Hbinorm
Que.Random variables defined via the _______ package.
a. Distri
b. Diestr
c. Distr
d. Diftr
Que.MGF means _____________
a. Moment Generating Formulas
b. Movement Generating Formulas
c. Moment Generating Functions
d. Moment Graphic Functions
Que.The empirical cumulative distribution function can be called as __________
Que.Two important methods in analysis is differentiation and __________ transformation.
a. Bernoulli
b. Fourier
c. Bohr
d. Rutherford
Que.Every ________ function has a probability distribution function.
a. Continuous
b. Discrete
c. Categorical
d. Random