DNS set 1

1: ________ bit in ICW1 indicates whether the 8259A is cascade mode or not ?
a. LTIM=0  
b. LTIM=1
c. SNGL=0
d. SNGL=1
2: A _______ is a server whose zone consists of the whole tree.
a. domain server  
b. zone server
c. root server
d. none of the above
3: A ________ server loads all information from the disk file.
a. primary  
b. secondary
c. zone
d. none of the above
4: A ________ server loads all information from the primary server.
a. primary  
b. secondary
c. zone
d. none of the above
5: A _________ is a subtree of the domain name space.
a. label  
b. name
c. domain
d. none of the above
6: A DNS client/server program can support an e-mail program to find the IP address of an
a. E-Mail Server  
b. DNS Server
c. Email Recipient
d. DNS Recipient
7: A domain name €œhello.customer.info.€ Is
a. City domain
b. Generic domain
c. Country domain
d. Sub-domain
8: A full domain name is a sence of labels separated by ________.
a. semicolons 
b. dots
c. colons
d. none of the above
9: A host with the domain name pit.arc.nasa.gov. is on the _______ level of the DNS hierarchical tree. (The root is level one.)
a. third   
b. fourth
c. fifth
d. none of the above
10: A name is assigned to an address in
a. Name Space 
b. Domain Name Space
c. Flat Name Space
d. Hard Name Space