Ethernet set 1

The Short questions talks about the benefits of using Ethernet over other methods like wireless or other wired connections.

1: Algorithm is used in transparent bridges.
a. Forward Learning           
b. Backward Learning
c. Reverse Backward Learning
d. Reverse Forward Learning
2: A hub is used in . Ethernet bridge operates in promiscuous mode.
a. Transparent bridge       
b. Selective flooding
c. Source Routing
d. Remote Bridges
3: _ transmission technology (based on Ethernet) provides a data rate of 1 billion bits per second.
a. 0BASE-T Ethernet      
b. Standard Ethernet
c. Fast Ethernet  
d. Gigabit Ethernet  
4: ________ uses fiber-optic cable.
a. 10Base5       
b. 10Base2
c. 10Base-T
d. 10Base-F
5: _________ uses four twisted-pair cables that connect each station to a common hub.
a. 10Base5    
b. 10Base2
c. 10Base-T
d. 10Base-F    
6: _________ uses thick coaxial cable.
a. 10Base5      
b. 10Base2
c. 10Base-T  
d. 10Base-F
7: __________ uses thin coaxial cable.
a. 10Base5     
b. 10Base2
c. 10Base-T
d. 10Base-F
8: ______defines a protocol data unit (PDU) that is somewhat similar to that of HDLC.
a. MAC  
b. LLC
c. LLU
d. none of the above
9: 10 Gigabit Ethernet operates only in
a. Duplex Mode        
b. Half Duplex Mode
c. Quadratic Duplex Mode
d. Full Duplex Mode  
10: 1000Base-LX has used two wires for long wave are
a. STP Cable    
b. UTP Cable
c. Fiber Optic
d. Coaxial Cable

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