Internet and Protocols set 11

Que: 103. TCP stands for
a. Hypertext markup language
b. Perl
c. FTP
d. URL
Que: 104. Which of the following is not an example of web browser?
a. be an IBM PC
b. be internet compatible
c. have a modern connection
d. have a unique IP address
Que: 105. Which protocol helps to transfer files between computers?
a. Transmission Communicational Protocol
b. Transmission Control Protocol
c. Transistor Control Protocol
d. Transform Control Protocol
Que: 106. Which of the following is not a term pertaining to the Internet?
a. Safari
b. Avast
c. Google Chrome
d. Internet Explorer
Que: 107. Which of the following is required to create an HTML document?
a. HTP
c. FTP
Que: 108. HTML is a
a. Keyboard
b. Link
c. Browser
d. Search engine
Que: 109. DNS stands for
a. Internet
b. Text editor
c. Search engine
d. Browser
Que: 110. SMTP stands for
a. Scripting Language
b. Web Browser
c. Programming Langauge
d. Network Protocol
Que: 111. XML stands for
a. Domain Null System
b. Disk Name System
c. Domain Number System
d. Domain Name System
Que: 112. ISDN stands for
a. Simple Mail Terminal Protocol
b. Simple Mail Transport Protocol
c. Simple Mail Transfer Protocol
d. Simple Mail Transition Protocol