Mathematical Functions and Expressions set 8

Que.What will be the command to find the current through a 1H inductor (no initial current) whose voltage changes by v=t²?
a. int(‘t²’)
b. intg(‘t²’)
c. int(t²)
d. Cannot be determined
Que.The command quad() cannot do ______ integrals.
a. Definite
b. Indefinite
c. Particular
d. Any
Que.The code quad(‘x.^2’,-3,2) is same as ___________
a. quad(‘x.^2’,-2,3)
b. quad(‘x.^2’,-3,2)
c. quad(x.^2,3,-2)
d. quad(‘x^2’,-2,-3)
Que.The capacitor voltage due to a current of i=t⁴ with v(0+)=3 is found from using _________
a. ODE solver
b. int() command
c. quad() command
d. diff() command
Que.The accuracy of quad() is ___________
a. very low
b. low
c. moderate
d. high
Que.Double integration of a function can be done by using the _____ command.
a. int(int(func))
b. int(‘int(‘func’)’)
c. quad(int(func))
d. cannot be done
Que.How will ∫eˣ⁄x look like, in MATLAB?
a. Infinite series
b. expint(x)
c. ei(x)
d. Error
Que.The class of the result of an indefinite integration is always _____________
a. Signed
b. Double
c. Array
d. Symbolic
Que.The quad command cannot do ______________
a. Low accuracy integration
b. Definite integration
c. Any integration
d. Indefinite integration
Que.We cannot find the integrator, made with an OP-amp, response using the quad() command at steady state.
a. True
b. False
c. May be True or False
d. Can’t say