Microcontroller 8051 set 1

Que: 1. Which of the following is an 8-bit register?
a. PSW(Program Status Word)
b. TCON(Timer Control Register)
c. Accumulator
d. all of the mentioned
Que: 2. Which of the following is not an instruction of 8051?
a. arithmetic instructions
b. boolean instructions
c. logical instructions
d. none of the above
Que: 3. The operations performed by data transfer instructions are on
a. bit data
b. byte data
c. 16-bit data
d. all of the mentioned
Que: 4. Which of the following is true while executing data transfer instructions?
a. program counter is not accessible
b. restricted bit-transfer operations are allowed
c. both operands can be direct/indirect register operands
d. all of the mentioned
Que: 5. The logical instruction that affect the carry flag during its execution is
a. XRL A;
b. ANL A;
c. ORL A;
d. RLC A;
Que: 6. The instruction that is used to complement or invert the bit of a bit addressable SFR is
a. CLR C
b. CPL C
c. CPL Bit
d. ANL Bit
Que: 7. The instructions that change the sequence of execution are
a. conditional instructions
b. logical instructions
c. control transfer instructions
d. data transfer instructions
Que: 8. The control transfer instructions are divided into
a. explicit and implicit control transfer instructions
b. conditional and unconditional control transfer instructions
c. auto control and self control transfer instructions
d. all of the mentioned
Que: 9. The conditional control transfer instructions check a bit condition which includes any bit of
a. bit addressable RAM
b. bit addressable SFRs
c. content of accumulator
d. all of the mentioned
Que: 10. All conditional jumps are
a. absolute jumps
b. long jumps
c. short jumps
d. none of the above