Network Security set 1

1: ________ bit in ICW1 indicates whether the 8259A is cascade mode or not ?  
a. LTIM=0    
b. LTIM=1
c. SNGL=0  
d. SNGL=1
2 is an example for public key algorithm.
a. RSA                                    
b. DES
d. RC5    
3: ….is used to validate the identity of the message sender to the recipient.
a. Encryption                                        
b. Decryption  
c. Digital certificate
d. None of these    
4.transform message into format (cyber text) that cannot be read by hackers.
a. Decryption                                     
b. Encryption  
c. Transformation
d. None of these    
5: Caesar cipher is represented as ..    
a. C = (p+3)mod3                                               
b. C = (p+26)mod3
c. C = (p-3)mod26
d. C = (p+3)mod26
6: Decryption and Encryption of data are the responsibility of which of the following layer?
a. Session layer                                     
b. Network layer  
c. Transport layer
d. Presentation layer
7: Ethernet and Token-Ring are the two most commonly used network architectures in the world. Jim has heard of the different topologies for networks and wants to choose the architecture that will provide him with the most options. Which of the following would that be? Choose the most correct answer.
a. Token-Ring, because it uses a MAU        
b. Ethernet, because it can be set up with most topologies and can use multiple transfer speeds
c. Neither Token-Ring nor Ethernet is the proper choice. Only ARCnet can be used in all topologies
d. Token-Ring because it currently can run at both 4Mbps and 16Mbps. This means that it can be used in any topology
8: Firewalls are used for .
a. routing                                         
b. security  
c. tunnelling
d. congestion control
9: In cryptography the following uses transposition ciphers and the keyword is LAYER. Encrypt the following message (spaces are omitted during encryption)WELCOME TO NETWORK SECURITY!
a. WMEKREETSILTWETCOOCYONRU!                                              
10: Number of S boxes used in DES algorithm is  
a. 4                                                                
b. 8  
c. 16
d. 32