Relational Database set 1

1 Que: _______ allow us to identify uniquely a tuple in the relation.
a. Superkey                                                      
b. Domain
c. Attribute  
d. Schema
2 Que: A _____ database does not use pointers or physical links, but instead finds related records by examining the contents of fields.
a. Network                                            
b. Hierarchical  
c. Relational
d. Object-Oriented
3 Que: A _____ is a property of the entire relation, rather than of the individual tuples in which each tuple is unique.    
a. Rows                                              
b. Key
c. Attribute  
d. Fields
4 Que: A _________ integrity constraint requires that the values appearing in specified attributes of any tuple in the referencing relation also appear in specified attributes of at least one tuple in the referenced relation.
a. Referential                                         
b. Referencing
c. Specific  
d. Primary  
5 Que: A attribute in a relation is a foreign key if the _______ key from one relation is used as an attribute in that relation .
a. Candidate                                        
b. Primary
c. Super
d. Sub    
6 Que: A compound key
a. is made up a several pieces of information                                  
b. uniquely identifies an item in a list
c. both (a) and (b)  
d. is a combination of each unique key    
7 Que: A foreign key is which of the following?
a. Any attribute                                  
b. The same thing as a primary key
c. An attribute that serves as the primary key of another relation
d. None of the above.  
8 Que: A key:
a. must always be composed of two or more columns.                                                     
b. can only be one column.
c. identifies a row.
d. identifies a column.    
9 Que: A list consists of last names, first names, addresses, and pin codes if all people in the list have the same last and the same pin code, a useful key would be
a. the pin code                                        
b. the last name  
c. a compound key consisting of the first name and the last name
d. All of the above  
10 Que: A number of related records that are treated as a unit is called
a. file                                                 
b. field
c. data    
d. batch