Selection Structures- Multiple Choice Questions

Que.In Visual Basic __________ is used for coding single-alternative and dual-alternative selection structures.
a. If…Then…Else statement
b. Switch-Case block
c. Recursion
d. function overloading
Que.The __________ keyword is necessary only in a dual-alternative selection structure.
a. Alternative
b. Next
c. Dual
d. Else
Que.The condition must be a __________ expression.
a. Integer
b. Double
c. Boolean
d. Short
Que.The set of statements contained in each path is referred to as a __________
a. Condition block
b. Statement block
c. Path block
d. IfElse block
Que.What is wrong with the following if-else structure?
If intQuantity > 5 Then
   dblDiscountRate = .1
   dblDiscountRate = .05
End If

a. No error
b. Conditions not in brackets
c. No ; after statements
d. ‘Then’ should have been ‘then’
Que.Comparison operators are also termed as __________
a. Comparators
b. Comparables
c. Relations
d. Relational operators