Simulink and GUIs set 4

Que.How many sinusoids can this block generate simultaneously?
a. Only 1
b. Multiple
c. Only 1 at high frequency
d. Multiple with multiple frequency
Que.What is the value of the constant supplied by the block?
a. 1
b. 0
c. User defined
d. Not available in MATLAB
Que.What is the no. of bits used for the counter operation by the following block?
a. 3
b. 5
c. System defined
d. Minimum required
Que.What is the reference power while converting to dB for the following block?
a. 1W
b. 1mW
c. 0
d. 20W
Que.This block can be used in what kind of systems?
a. Logical
b. Continuous
c. Discrete
d. Any
Que.What does this suggest?
a. The slope of the ramp function is 0
b. The slope of the ramp function is -1
c. The slope of the ramp function is 1
d. The value of the step function is 0
Que.What is the function of this block?
a. Defining only continuous systems
b. Defining only discrete systems
c. Defining only digital systems
d. Defining both continuous and discrete systems
Que.Digital systems ______ in Simulink.
a. Can be implemented
b. Cannot be implemented
c. Only ADC’s
d. Only DAC’s
Que.The no. of logical operations present in the logical operator block is _________
a. 6
b. 7
c. 5
d. 3
Que.The arrows connecting each block with another are ____
a. Flexible as in they don’t become permanent when once placed
b. Rigid as in their direction cannot be changed
c. Don’t pop up in the screen
d. Absent