Software Components set 5

41Que:In the context of object-oriented software engineering a component contains
a.attributes and operations
b.instances of each class
c.roles for each actor (device or user)
d.a set of collaborating classes
42Que:In traditional software engineering, modules must serve in which of the following roles?
a.Control component
b.Infrastructure component
c.Problem domain component
d.All of the above
43Que:Which of the following is not one of the four principles used to guide component-level design?
a.Dependency Inversion Principle
b.Interface Segregation Principle
c.Open-Closed Principle
d.Parsimonious Complexity Principle
44Que:In component design, elaboration requires which of the following elements to be described in detail?
d.All of the above
45Que:In component-level design “persistent data sources” refer to
a.Component libraries
d.both b and c
46Que:Which of these constructs is used in structured programming?
d.all of the above
47Que:Which of these is a graphical notation for depicting procedural detail?
a.process diagram
b.decision table
c.ER diagram
48Que:A decision table should be used document all conditional statements guide the development of the project management plan
c.only when building an expert system
d.when a complex set of conditions and actions appears in a component
49Que:A program design language (PDL) is often a
a.combination of programming constructs and narrative text
b.legitimate programming language in its own right
c.machine readable software development language
d.useful way to represent software architecture
50Que:Which of these criteria are useful in assessing the effectiveness of a particular design notation?
d.all of the above