Software Management set 1

Que: 1. Software project management comprises of a number of activities, which contains _________.
a..Project planning
b. Scope management
c. Project estimation
d. All mentioned above
Que: 2. Effective software project management focuses on the four P’s. What are those four P’s?
a..People, performance, payment, product
b. People, product, process, project
c. People, product, performance, project
d. All of the above
Que: 3. Give the Real-world factors affecting maintenance Cost.
a..As technology advances, it becomes costly to maintain old software.
b. The standard age of any software is considered up to 10 to 15 years.
c. Most maintenance engineers are newbie and use trial and error method to rectify problem.
d. All mentioned above
Que: 4. Which Software-end factors affecting maintenance Cost?
a..Structure of Software Program
b. Programming Language
c. Dependence on external environment
d. All mentioned above
Que: 5. The always growing and adapting nature of software hugely depends upon the environment in which user works in ____________ .
b. Dynamic Nature
c. Quality Management
d. Scalability
Que: 6. When the customer may ask for new features or functions in the software, what does it mean in Software maintenance?
a..Host modifications
b. Client requirements
c. Market conditions
d. Organization changes
Que: 7. What is used for implementing the changes in existing or new requirements of user in software maintenance?
a..Preventive maintenance
b. Perfective maintenance
c. Corrective maintenance
d. Adaptive maintenance
Que: 8. Lehman has given eight laws for software evolution and he divided software into three categories. In which category software works strictly according to defined specifications and solutions.
b. Embedded-type
c. Practical-type
d. None of the above
Que: 9. Which tools are used in implementation,testing and maintenance?
a..Upper case tools
b. Integrated case tools
c. Lower case tools
d. None of the above
Que: 10. Software project management is the process of managing all activities that are involved in software development, they are _____ .
b. Cost
c. Quality management
d. All mentioned above