Software Testing set 1

1Que:Which defect amplification model is used to illustrate the generation and detection of errors during the preliminary steps of a software engineering process?
b.Detailed design
d.All mentioned above
2Que:Which method is used for evaluating the expression that passes the function as an argument?
a.Strict evaluation
d.Pure functions
3Que:Organization can have in-house inspection, direct involvement of users and release of beta version are few of them and it also includes usability, compatibility, user acceptance etc. is called
a.Task analysis
b.GUI requirement gathering
c.GUI design & implementation
4Que:Which testing is the re-execution of some subset of tests that have already been conducted to ensure the changes that are not propagated?
a.Unit testing
b.Regression testing
c.Integration testing
d.Thread-based testing
5Que:Which one of these belongs to integration testing in the OO context?
a.Unit testing
b.Regression testing
c.Sandwich testing
d.Thread-based testing
6Que:During security testing the tester plays the role of the individual who desires to______ .
a.Penetrates the system
b.Penetrates the listener
c.Both a and b
d.None of the above
7Que:Which box specifies the behavior of a system or a part of a system?
a.State box
b.Clear box
c.Black box
d.None of the above
8Que:The longer a fault exists in software
a.the more tedious its removal becomes
b.the more costly it is to detect and correct
c.the less likely it is to be properly corrected
d.All of the mentioned
9Que:Which condition defines the circumstances for a particular operation is valid?
d.None of the above
10Que:Which is not a SQA activity?
a.Black box testing
b.White box testing
c.Integration testing
d.Unit testing