Variable and Constant- Multiple Choice Questions

Que.___________ is used to store temporary data by programmers.
a. Addressed Location
b. Variable
c. Pointer
d. RAM
Que.___________ determines the type of data stored in a variable.
a. Function type
b. Info Type
c. Variable type
d. Data Type
Que.___________ is the universal coding scheme for characters.
b. Unicode
c. Binary
Que.”dblMy Age “what is the problem with this variable name?
a. Starts with uppercase character
b. Contains uppercase characters
c. Contains a space
d. Contains reserved word dbl
Que.Declaring a variable tell the computer to allocate a memory space that can be accessed by the variable name. The size of the memory space depends on?
a. Length of variable name
b. Data type of the variable
c. Location of variable in program
d. Size of memory in computer
Que.___________ data type can store any type of data.
a. Object
b. Universal
c. DataType
d. Common
Que.String data type can store from zero to ___________ Unicode characters.
a. 2 million
b. 2 billion
c. 1 billion
d. 1 million
Que.The range of Integer data type is ___________ to ___________
a. –2,147,483,648 to 2,147,483,647
b. –9,223,372,036,854,775,808 to9,223,372,036,854,775,807
c. +/–4.94065645841247 X 10
Que.The Char data type can store ___________
a. One Unicode character
b. One ASCII character
c. One bit
d. One Byte
Que.The variable name is also termed as ___________
a. Vname
b. Alterable
c. Identifier
d. Uniform
Que.An __________ statement is used to assign a value to an existing variable.
a. Arithmetic
b. Relational
c. Logical
d. Assignment