VB NET set 2

Que: 11. The default property for a text box control is __________
a. Text
b. Enable
c. Multiline
d. Password char
Que: 12. __________ is a collection of files.
a. Class
b. Group
c. Project
d. All of the above
Que: 13. The method, which loads the form into memory and displays it on screen
a. Load
b. Show
c. Display
d. All of these
Que: 14. The code in an application can be broken into logical components by _______ process.
a. modular
b. procedural
c. partitioning
d. None of the above
Que: 15. The ________ object is a stored query definition, which is a precompiled SQL statement.
a. QueryFed
b. QueryDif
c. QueryFix
d. QueryDef
Que: 16. ________ function returns the intervals between two dates in terms of years, months or days.
a. DateDiff( )
b. DateIn( )
c. DateFix( )
d. DiDate( )
Que: 17. ______ array size can be changed at run-time.
a. Fixed
b. Preserve
c. Dynamic array
d. Multidimensional
Que: 18. The window in which the individual documents are displayed is called ____________window.
a. Main
b. Child
c. Parent
d. Root
Que: 19. _________ is the process of finding and removing errors.
a. Checking
b. Compiling
c. Debugging
d. Quick watch
Que: 20. ________ loop repeats a group of statements for each item in a collection of objects or for each element of an array.
a. While loop
b. Do Until loop
c. Do while loop
d. For each loop