Working with Classes- Multiple Choice Questions

Que.__________________ is a programming language that allows the programmer to use objects to accomplish his goals.
a. Structured programming language
b. Object-oriented programming language
c. Top-down programming language
d. Bottom-up programming language
Que.Each object used in a object oriented programming is created from _____________
a. Class
b. Object
c. Instance
d. User
Que.An object is the _____________ of the class.
a. Instance
b. Class
c. Object
d. User
Que.A ______________ variable is the instance of the String class.
a. Button
b. String
c. Character
d. Array
Que.________________ are the characteristics that describe the object.
a. Classes
b. Attributes
c. Objects
d. Instances
Que._______________ are operations that the object is capable of performing.
a. Methods
b. Events
c. Instances
d. Attributes
Que.______________ are the actions to which an object can respond.
a. Methods
b. Events
c. Instances
d. Attributes
Que.An object’s _______________ include methods and events.
a. Attribute
b. Behavior
c. Instance
d. Method
Que.A class ______________ all the behavior and attributes of an object.
a. Encapsulates
b. Abstracts
c. Inherits
d. Instantiate
Que.Objects are ____________ from a class.
a. Instantiated
b. Evaluated
c. Printed
d. Outdated